Linda Ross of Deephaven Captures a Quiet Afternoon on Lake Minnetonka

Deephaven’s Linda Ross captures a quiet afternoon on the lake.
This image won first place for the Activities category of the 2014 Lens on Lake Minnetonka Photo Contest.

Linda Ross moved to Minnesota 40 years ago when she and her husband decided they needed something new—and Stamford, Connecticut, wasn’t quite cutting it. “It was completely different,” she says. “It was an adjustment for me, but I’m glad we picked the Deephaven area. We did travel around a lot to find a place to settle down in, and this place reminded us of the East Coast.”

It was her love of Deephaven that prompted Ross to head to the lake the day she captured her photo, “Sailing Away.” High waters had turned the entire lake into a no-wake zone, and the familiar low hum of motors was gone. Ross, like many others, was entranced by the silence. “[It] was back to the old lake 25 years ago, when my husband used to sail in the races… there was this this beautiful, calming effect.”

Ross works as a photographer for Deephaven Life Magazine, and she’s completely self-taught. She says that her photography is an instinctive art. “A lot of photography is the eye, and how you perceive what you’re seeing. Mine constantly sees beauty.” Her very description of the photo captures the truth of the statement—rather than focusing on the boats alone, she talks about the clouds overhead and the afternoon sunlight. “It’s pulling things out and seeing things in a different way,” she says. “I know it’s there; I just have to get it.”