Minnetonka Creative Makes Lighting Decor More Personal— and Gives Back

While designing her own dream home, Minnetonka’s Jessica Schaack discovered she wanted creative control over every aspect, including the lightbulbs. After failing to find bulbs with a sense of personality, Schaack and her husband, Rob, began experimenting until they created their first custom-printed lightbulb. Now, Schaack is the founder and CEO of RELAMP, her biz that sells beautiful bulbs covered in trendy prints.

Schaack made sure to accommodate every taste and space by creating 12 stunning designs to choose from, including marble, geometric, animal- and space-inspired designs.

During the early days of RELAMP, Schaack’s cousin and aunt died from cancer, three days apart. Since their passing, Schaack has pledged to donate 10 percent of each lightbulb purchase to organizations supporting cancer funding and female and child empowerment. Specifically, she gives back to The Cancer Couch Foundation, Jeremiah Program and Child Help.

“We’ve set out not only to change the way you look at lighting design, but to reduce energy use and support worthy causes. It’s pretty amazing,” Schaack says.