Minnetonka Defense Attorney Becomes an Entrepreneur and Body-positivity Advocate

After years of struggling with her own body image and dealing with uncomfortable, ill-fitting bras that failed to flatter her body type, Minnetonka resident and attorney Judy Samson began searching for a solution.

“I was a 40-something, educated, hardworking, professional mother. I should have been proud and full of confidence, but I wasn’t,” Samson says.

Samson invented the Bra Bridge, an accessory that fits along the edge of bra cups and pulls them together to create more support, perkiness or cleavage. It fixes most common problems women encounter with bras.

“Women are tough on themselves, and the Bra Bridge is a simple way to help shape your own image to improve your confidence. That is all I could ever wish
for,” Samson says.

The Bra Bridge is available online at brabridge.com and at the General Store of Minnetonka. Look for more information online soon about local retailers who will carry the item.