Minnetonka Middle School East Memorial Garden

A middle school garden remembers those we’ve lost while giving back to those who need it.
A student works in Minnetonka Middle School East's memorial garden.

Inspired by an initiative eighth grader Rosie DelMain suggested to the environmental club at Minnetonka Middle School East, a memorial vegetable garden was created last year honoring students and staff who have passed away—including Rosie.


Pete Dymit, principal of Minnetonka Middle School East, says that after Rosie died, the kids were passionate about creating a memorial and brought a lot of ideas to him on what the tribute could look like. A vegetable garden was one of the most popular and planning began in January 2011, one month after Rosie’s death. By the end of the year, the garden had harvested around 50 pounds of produce that was donated to the ICA Food Shelf in Minnetonka.


While it is led by students, Dymit says that anyone in the community is welcome to help water, rake, plant and weed the garden. Abby Gordon, a friend of Rosie’s, was president of the student government last year and was tasked with coordinating and training volunteers for the garden. Now a freshman at Minnetonka High School, Gordon plans to continue to help out.


This summer, a mosaic tile pathway will be added through the garden as well as a patio under the pergola. There are also plans to paint the unpainted planters.



To volunteer, call Minnetonka Middle School East at 952.401.5200.