Minnetonka Resident Seeks to Create a Better Night’s Sleep

Need to hit the reset button on your sleep habits? The Better Pillow might be able to help. The idea for the specially designed pillow was born when Minnetonka resident Rob Ribnick noticed some friends and family members, especially with neck and back issues, had trouble finding a pillow that worked for them.

Ribnick, a former executive at Regis Corporation, worked with local manufacturers in Minneapolis to create his perfect pillow. The Better Pillow is made up of mini Serene Foam pieces, shaped like the letter Z, which link together to be cooling and have “memory” for the shape of the user’s head and neck.

Last April, Ribnick decided to launch his company in a place with the perfect name: Sleepy Eye, Minnesota. Pillows were offered to a group of Sleepy Eye residents who then provided feedback. The pillows were a hit.
The Better Pillow retails for $69 and is available at the website here.