Mound Resident Finds Beauty in History

Mound resident finds beauty in history.

Sometimes local landmarks get overlooked. We see them so often that we begin to stop seeing them all together. The Minnetonka Beach water tower on Lafayette Bay is an example—many people boat by it every day without recognizing its historical significance and beauty.

For Mound resident Anne Weatherhead, a photography hobbyist who shot “A New Look at an Old Landmark,” the water tower is an image that she identifies with a fun day on the water.

Last August, Weatherhead and her family were out on the water, headed to Excelsior for some ice cream. She had her camera in the boat, so they decided to make a short stop to admire this icon.

“Every time we go by the water tower, I love the lines, the shape, the color and the reflection the light makes on the metal,” says Weatherhead.

After taking the picture, she played with the image in Photoshop to make the strong lines even more dramatic. For the most part, Weatherhead tries to limit her editing and instead focuses on lighting, texture and composition. Her advice for aspiring photographers is to work at different times of the day to take advantage of different lighting.

Weatherhead’s favorite subject to photograph happens at family time. She says she always loves taking pictures of her two boys, William, 11, and JP, 13.


This photograph took first prize in the Landmarks category for the 2013 Lens on Lake Minnetonka contest. Learn about the 2014 contest, which starts on August 1, at