New App Teaches Children about Yoga

Give your kids some “edu-tainment” with the Adventures of Super Stretch yoga app.
Kids learn to breathe deeply at a Super Stretch Family Yoga Event

Jessica Rosenberg says she was designing Revlon and Aveda products to make people feel good about themselves when she had an epiphany: To truly make people feel good, she would have to start from the inside out.


Attracted to yoga, Minnetonka’s Rosenberg says she found fitness an accessible and fun way to engage in a mind-body discipline. Not wanting to leave youngsters out of the yoga loop, she launched The Adventures of Super Stretch app for the iPhone, iPad and iTouch in 2011.


Designed for children ages 2 through 8, the app partners with books, ibooks, flashcards and coloring pages—“EDUtainment,” as Rosenberg refers to it—as a way to make fitness fun and to encourage children to live a happy, healthy life.


With more than 52 characters, Rosenberg says the Super Stretch platform teaches kids how to find balance as well as other skills that last a lifetime. “Early childhood wellness experts are validating the benefits of early yoga,” Rosenberg says, adding that starting a yoga regimen early in life helps build self-esteem.


Even if you’re not a yoga expert, Rosenberg says you can still use the app. “I’ve had parents tell me they do Super Stretch as a family,” she says. “You don’t have to be experienced, just play around with it. Play is the best way to learn.” 


Daily tips and tools are available on the Adventures of Super Stretch Facebook page.