New Lake-area Consulting Group Balances Life and Work

Learning to balance work and life outside of work is a struggle for most of us. Monarch Group, a local consulting firm owned by Mary Ament-Johnson and Jacqueline Dixson, is hoping to change that. “Many people who are trying to achieve that balance struggle,” says Dixson. “Life-work balance for everyone is different.”

As former co-workers at US West in the ’90s, Ament-Johnson, who lives in the lake area, and Dixson both struggled with balancing work and family time. They launched Monarch Group, a virtual environment, in April 2015. “We wanted to focus on life-work balance,” says Ament-Johnson. “Our core is family.”

Monarch Group provides “boutique-like” consulting work with like-minded clients from a wide range of industries, including start-ups, retail, health care and more. They focus on program management, as well as information security and privacy practice.