New Minnetonka Fitness Centers

Find a new favorite workout at these three Lake Minnetonka fitness centers.
Even the general public can grab a bite to eat at Ultimate Fitness and Training Center's organic restaurant.

Looking for a way to kick start your workout routine?  In the mood to try something new? Take a look at three unique lake-area fitness facilities offering  group classes, personal training and even nutritious meals that can help set you on a new path toward better health.


All Bodies Pilates and Wellness

At the age of 35, Andrea Odenwald was told by her doctor she would need total hip and knee replacements due to past injuries. Her response? “No, I don’t think so,” she says now with a laugh. Taking matters into her own hands, Odenwald took Pilates classes for a year and noticed a remarkable difference; her back and hips are now nearly 99 percent pain free.

Two years ago, Odenwald opened All Bodies Pilates and Wellness, hoping to cater to people like herself who want to eliminate pain, gain flexibility, and feel more comfortable and confident in their skin. “Body awareness is so important,” she says. “Pilates is slow and controlled, not overwhelming or jarring, and very cerebral.”

In addition to Pilates, All Bodies offers kickboxing, yoga, TRX suspension training and the hottest fitness trend, Zumba. The center also offers deep tissue and sports massages to soothe tired muscles. 3384 Shoreline Dr., Navarre; 952.471.3330


Ultimate Fitness and Training Center

Sometimes one of the biggest challenges facing those who want to change their bodies is changing their eating habits. At Ultimate Fitness and Training Center, which opened in April 2011, they are all about picking up positive habits—and nutrition-packed food—courtesy of their on-site organic restaurant, open since January 2011.

According to co-owner Michelle Balow, “there is not a can opener on the premises.” Anton Heckel, co-owner and creative force behind the restaurant’s concept, trains their chefs to make all food from scratch. He believes in fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains, grass-fed beef and low or no sugar as the keys to a healthy lifestyle. Gluten-free and vegan options are also available.

It’s also very easy to place orders to go, Balow says. “You can come in, tell us what you’d like, work out and grab your meal on the way out the door.” The restaurant is open to the public, and Balow says many customers who have been introduced through the café have returned to purchase a membership to the training center. 11111 Greenbrier Rd., Minnetonka; 952.241.8500; Find Ultimate Fitness on Facebook


The Barre Studio

While there may be a few ballet terms tossed out during class at The Barre Studio in Wayzata, this isn’t ballet. It’s an energizing and rejuvenating blend of Pilates, yoga and strength training guaranteed to work your core, improve your flexibility and create lean, healthy muscle mass.

“Music plays a really big role in our classes,” says Rachel Warford, who opened this boutique fitness studio last October with sister-in-law Paula. “We tend to go with Top 40 choices and all the music is timed to each section of the class.”

Although the workouts are low impact, they are definitely intense and produce results, says Warford. “It’s not true that we have to strap ourselves to a treadmill to lose weight,” she says. “Strength training rebuilds muscles. The beauty of that is you might be burning more calories in one of our classes than you would on a run.”

Classes are built on interval training, focusing on a particular muscle group, followed by a period of stretching before the next interval. Beginners and advanced students alike can reap significant benefits in the small classes which allow teachers to go through the movements with each student as needed. Child care is offered on-site as well for $5 per session. 539 Lake St. E., Wayzata; 952.473.0109