Not-So-Smooth Sailing

Deephaven sailor Brad Robinson’s story is told in The Price of Victory and the Fear of Innovation.

In The Price of Victory and the Fear of Innovation, author Linda Tedford tells the story of longtime Deephaven resident Brad Robinson, who passed away in October at age 78. “The book is about Brad’s innovation in the world of competitive sailing and how his creative genius was rejected to protect the interest of one boat builder,” Tedford says.

According to Tedford, Robinson used his engineering skills to correct design flaws in the A Scow sailboats at the Inland Lake Yachting Association. When he presented his newly designed Victory boat as a gift to the organization, it was seen as a threat to the monopoly holder in boat designs and eventually led to a court case.

“There were many misunderstandings and lies spread about what I did,” said Robinson, who worked on the book with Linda Tedford and is pictured above with his wife and cover designer Susana Robinson. “It feels great to finally have the whole story told and have people react positively to the book.”

Find The Price of Victory and the Fear of Innovation online here. Also available at Brightwater Clothing and Gear, Excelsior Bay Books and the Cottagewood General Store.