November’s Photo Contest Spotlight

Deb Zeller photographs some of autumn’s bright bounty.

“The Minnesota Horticulture Research Center typically grows some very interesting plants in addition to the research grapes and apples that most people are familiar with. I'm good friends with the specialist there and visit frequently with my camera in the fall when everything is in full color. Last year, Jenny had an incredible crop of many different varieties of colorful Indian corn. Many people asked me if I colored the corn kernels with photo software, but the corn had these wonderful colors naturally. I grew up on a farm in Hutchinson; my mother was an avid gardener, but she never grew Indian corn as remarkable as this.” —Deb Zeller

Congratulations to Zeller, whose image, Colorful Indian Corn, took home second place in the Nature category of the Lens on Lake Minnetonka photo contest. Look for photos of this year’s competition to grace these pages beginning in January.