Enjoy nature while forest bathing

No, you’re not submerged in water, and yes, you keep your clothes on. Forest bathing or shinrin-yoku via Japan is among the latest experiences that guide participants on an immersive, meditative and therapeutic forest walk, connec

"Here come the Westies!" the parade announcer says enthusiastically as the two-block-long-procession of West Highland Terriers dressed as furry, four-legged versions of Uncle Sam--complete with red, white and blue handmade costumes and matching miniature top hats--comes into view on the downtown

In 2004, farmland in Independence was transformed into Windsong Farm Golf Club, a unique members-only prairie course. However, just four years later, the club was in financial trouble. Anticipated member quotas hadn’t been met and the loan was too large.

1. Wear lifejackets when the boat is moving. Children 10 and younger are required to wear one and there must be one for everyone on board.

Built in 1890 as a private estate for Frederick Noerenberg, founder of Grain Belt Brewery and his family, the 74 acres of the Noerenberg Gardens were willed to Three Rivers Park District when the last Noerenberg child died in 1972.

As people age it becomes more difficult for them to get out, make new friends and enjoy activities such as fishing and boating that are so dear to Minnesotans’ hearts.

Minnetonka locals Holly Evans, Stachia Fey and Christine Thompson have always been self-described “water enthusiasts,” but it wasn’t until 2010—when the trio was first introduced to stand-up paddle-boarding—that they discovered a true passion, and made it their goal to share it with the entire la

Inspired by an initiative eighth grader Rosie DelMain suggested to the environmental club at Minnetonka Middle School East, a memorial vegetable garden was created last year honoring students

As winter turns to spring, get ready for a new season of growing ahead by creating your own fairy garden that can be transplanted outside once the weather warms. “You can’t do it wrong,” says Kari Line at Otten Bros. in Long Lake.

Flowers at the grocery store are tempting to buy, but after talking to Alison Feik of Grand Mother’s Garden, you might want to think twice about where those blooms really come from.