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Elevate your backyard fun with twists on classic games, and larger-than-life activities.

Bucket Ball

Since it began the first phase four years ago, the city of Wayzata has been working on plans for a lakefront revitalization, dubbed the Lake Effect Project, culminating in a new Signature Park.

Whether you’re entertaining guests from out of town or just want to know more about Saint Paul’s colorful past, Summit Avenue walking tours are a fun way to discover one of the city’s most charming neighborhoods.

The motto says it best: “A festival by the community, for the community.” The Spirit of the Lakes Festival has remained a community-supported, eagerly anticipated event in Mound for the past 12 years.

Who says playing in the park or frolicking in the water is just for kids? Lake Minnetonka and surrounding parkland areas provide the perfect venues for grown-ups to tap into their inner, summer child.

In early January, as Minnetonka resident Kyle Rooney struggled to reach the 19,341-foot-high summit of Mount Kilimanjaro, he thought about his son’s daily struggles with a rare disease, and felt a heightened sense of purpose.

The Wayzata Community Sailing Center’s history goes back a long way—officially, even back to 1890, when the facility that houses the WCSC was built.

As the diamond dust settles under a warm summer sunset in Saint Paul, young ballplayers pile into minivans and head home with smiles on their faces and grass stains spread across their jerseys.

The violent sport of football and the peaceful, at times meditative, sport of distance running could be considered polar opposites on the athletic spectrum.

Solidcore, new to Wayzata last August, is a boutique-style gym that uses the slow and controlled resistance technique of the Solidcore machine to work muscles to failure.

When Dylan Thomas and Chase Hentges met while playing for the Saint Paul Saints in 2014, the two became friends right off the bat.