Whether you can perform a toe loop, Lutz or Salchow or gingerly edge your way along the boards, outdoor ice skating in one of Minnesotans’ favorite pastimes.

A scenic byway in the lake area has been proposed in order to better direct people to the best route for viewing the lake.

In the rented corner of a St. Paul warehouse, Stefan Ronchetti and Alex Brost are doing what, at first glance, makes little sense to a lot of landlocked Midwesterners: building and shaping custom surfboards. In reality, they’re part of a growing surfing culture in Minnesota.

Sam Rogers

Meet Sam Rogers, Colin Grey Voigt and Bruce Martinson. Though they differ in age and occupation, these three share a love of sailing that they trace back to their days at the Lake Minnetonka Sailing school.

Each summer, Lake Minnetonka overflows with speedboats, pontoons and people: The pull of the water can’t be denied. But for those of us who need a little more activity than sunbathing provides, two lake-area businesses offer extreme water sports that the likes of a non-coastal town rarely sees.

Restoration of the shoreline has been underway since 2009.

“When people come to Cruiser’s Cove, they’re going to see a change,” says Telly Mamayek, communications director for Minnehaha Creek Watershed District.

The unofficial season opener for cycling, the Minnesota Ironman Bicycle Ride (MIBR), is just days away.

Johnny Range is on a mission to make sure Lake Minnetonka is stocked with walleye. Range heads the Westonka Walleye Program to counteract the dwindling walleye population by purchasing fish from farms and placing them in the lake.

Kyle Rooney never learned to ice fish. But that didn’t deter him from founding Lake Minnetonka’s first ice fishing tournament three years ago.

When brother and sister Rick Putnam and Jill McGary started SnowProfessor.com, a website featuring snowboard lesson videos, they had no idea what they were onto.