Paint and Sip in Minnetonka

Arm yourself with a brush and a beer at Cheers Pablo.

Cheers Pablo opened its newest location in Minnetonka last October.

With the step-by-step guidance of professional artists, guests can eat, drink and paint together. Cheers Pablo CEO John Bedard explains that many of their guests haven’t touched a paintbrush in years. Everything is supplied in-house, from canvases and paint to food and drinks. “We try to accomplish two things,” says Bedard. “First, make sure [guests] have a great time, and second, when they leave, they surprise themselves.”

Reservations are suggested. That way you can choose your favorite canvas. Bedard says that the most popular canvases are ones that have a distinctly Minnesotan feel. “We have one called ‘Bonding on the Dock’ where two people are sitting at the end of a dock watching the sunset.”