Peaceful Sleep for Your Pooch with Bedtime Bones

A cuter and healthier sleep alternative has yet to be sniffed out.

It’s a widely known fact that a cup of chamomile tea calms your nerves in a hurry. It’s perhaps a lesser-known fact that those of the canine variety are also huge fans of chamomile, but the folks at Bedtime4Dogs know it and have used it to create Bedtime Bones, the organic bedtime dog treats.

The all-natural ingredients, including chamomile, soothe your pooch’s every nerve, from floppy ears to wagging tail. The exclusion of wheat, soy and corn prevents rising doggy allergies while a dab of honey freshens doggy breath and tastes delicious. Bedtime Bones acts as a much healthier alternative to Benadryl for pups that can’t sleep and those that suffer from anxiety.

Bedtime Bones come packaged in an adorable cardboard box made from recycled materials made in a factory powered by wind. The irresistible and sustainable goodies come in convenient one-month supplies, plus a little extra to share. However, once your doggie is getting zonked out consistently, you can open up to buying Bedtime Bones in bulk one-year quantities. They make the perfect gift for the dog-lover in your life, but why not skip the middleman and give it to your favorite slobbery friend himself?

Bedtime4Dogs is increasing its array of chamomile-infused sleep aids, which now includes the Baa Baa Bedtime toy, a plush toy stuffed with the herb that will make your cuddly pal’s senses tingle. Dogs have at least 10 times the number of smell receptors of humans and are exquisitely satiated by Baa Baa’s chamomile insides. Shaped like a little sheep, the toy cuddled up with your doggie is the ultimate dose of cute.


Bedtime4Dogs products can be purchased at Bone Adventure, 726 E. Lake St., Wayzata; 952.473.0227;