Pearly Whites and Gigabytes

Local dentist invents software to keep dental offices organized.

Dr. Bryan Laskin of Lake Minnetonka Dental is a long-time teeth expert, with degrees from the University of Wisconsin-Madison and the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities. But in addition to his dental knowledge, he has a few other tricks up the sleeve of his lab coat. Laskin’s interest in technology goes back as far as he can remember. At age 15, he sold computers at his first job and took several coding classes. Now, he’s put his tech hobby to use, inventing software program OperaDDS to help dental practices stay organized. “My goal for my software company is to have offices become more profitable while greatly elevating patient care,” Laskin says OperaDDS is being used in over 3,000 dental offices. It allows patients to communicate more easily with their providers. For example, if a patient needs another dental office to access their X-rays or other personal information, they can do it securely through OperaDDS.