Photo Contest Image for February

Andrew Johnson captures the creek behind his Orono home.
"Creekside" by Andrew Johnson

Andrew Johnson moved to the lake area last year and while getting accustomed to his new surroundings, began to enjoy the creek that runs behind his Orono home. Johnson, a frequent walker and biker in the warmer months, enjoys the close proximity to the Luce Line Trail, and has to cross this creek by bridge every time he wants to get some exercise. On this particular day, he brought his “simple Canon” along to capture the everyday beauty of the creek.

“I like to bring my camera out every now and then to take photos of the area,” Johnson says. “Sometime you'll get a nice sunset or sunrise. I mostly take photos when I travel; however, I feel it's just as important to take photos of where we live.”

Along with nature scenes, Johnson especially enjoys photographing his newly developed neighborhood, knowing that in the future, the tiny trees that dot the landscape will be larger and more mature, and more houses will be built in the surrounding lots. So he “took the photo of the creek for the same reason. I'd like to see how it looks in 30 years,” he says.

Congratulations to Johnson and his image “Creekside” on being selected for our Last Glance page.