Primp Hair Salon Opens its Doors in Minnetonka

More is better at Primp Hair Salon.

Primp Hair Salon, now open in Minnetonka, specializes in hair extensions and hair-loss solutions for women. But there’s a twist: Owner Michele Rae is an Evolve Hair System-certified stylist. She is one of only four certified stylists in Minnesota (and she trained the other three). Rae began her dream to be a stylist her sophomore year of high school in home economics class. She rapidly developed her skills in beauty school in 1982 and has been successful ever since. Over the course of her career, Rae realized that many clients needed or wanted more hair, and decided to gain expertise in hair extensions and hair-loss solutions for women. Rae discovered the Evolve Volumizer last year while attending a hair extensions seminar. Everything clicked. “[I] fell in love with Evolve and attended a certification class last January in Galveston, Texas,” Rae says. She trained other stylists to use the product in Orlando, Florida, this past February. 18300 Minnetonka Blvd.; 952.475.0941;