Puppy Love at Woofington Luxury Petite Dog Resort & Spa

Luxury small-dog resort treats furry friends like family.

Leaving pets behind can be one of the worst parts of vacation. While boarding the plane, embarking on the road trip, or heading up north to the cabin, guilt tends to sink in.

Lisa and Mike Larson know this feeling all too well. After dropping their own dog off at a busy, crowded kennel during a vacation in 2012, the Larsons wished for a boarding facility where dogs were treated just as they are at home. In response, they created Wayzata’s Woofington Luxury Petite Dog Resort & Spa, which opened in June 2016. With dog day care, grooming, spa services and overnight boarding, Woofington offers a unique experience for small dogs (25 pounds and under). Boarders can choose from five different suite options, including raised and padded beds, blankets, pillows, chandeliers, plush rugs and soothing music.

And while away, dog owners can keep an eye on their beloved buddies via password-protected webcams; this service is available in the premium suites only.