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You’re not supposed to judge a book by its cover, but Hawk Ridge: Minnesota’s Birds of Prey is an exception to that rule. Written by celebrated Duluth bird expert Laura Erickson, the book boasts a gorgeous cover—and illustrations throughout—by Grand Marais printmaker and painter Betsy Bowen.

The book examines 20 species of raptors—vultures, ospreys, eagles, harriers and kites, buteos, and falcons—and habits for the “kettles” of hawks that migrate south in the fall along the shores of Lake Superior.

Raptors, coming from as far north as the Arctic and heading to winter destinations as far south as South America, catch thermals and updrafts as they migrate. And the overlook at Hawk Ridge, located on Skyline Parkway in East Duluth, provides an unparalleled vantage point for viewing them in flight. An estimated 20,000 people trek there each year to view a migration “the size of which has never been documented away from the coasts,” according to Erickson.

Bowen’s bird paintings and ink drawings give the book an album-like feel, making it a keepsake for the amateur birder and expert. It offers more than enough motivation for readers to grab their binoculars and head to Hawk Ridge.

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