Retired Army General Bob Shadley speaks out against sexual assault in the military

Retired Army General Bob Shadley finds new purpose as author and advocate.

Major General Robert “Bob” Shadley retired from the U.S. Army in 2000 and moved to Wayzata with his wife, Ellie. At the time, he had no idea that retirement would bring him a new role: author. In April, Shadley self-published his book, The GAMe—Unraveling a Military Sex Scandal, which describes his time as leader of a 1996 crisis team that uncovered and investigated institutionalized sexual assault in the Army.  Over the past few years, Shadley says, and after the fallout from the 1996 Aberdeen Proving Ground scandal in Maryland, he felt nudged to bring more attention to the military’s sexual assault problem. “In keeping with the Wayzata tradition of making a difference in the community, I said, ‘I should write this book. Maybe we can do some good.” Some proceeds from The GAMe go to nonprofit organizations that help victims of sexual assault. To learn more or to purchase a copy, visit