"The Gown" by Jennifer Robson

Jennifer Robson’s latest novel, "The Gown," cleverly crafts a fictional tale heavily based on research revolving around two of the embroiderers of then-Princess Elizabeth’s wedding gown.

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Born to Run
Bruce Springsteen

Paris for One & Other Stories

Kevin Horn is a tremendously talented dude. His photographs not only exemplify a deep understanding of his craft, but also leave the viewer with a great sense of ambience in his images.

Jim Rogers knew he was Irish by age 5. “My mother never let me forget. She pinned green shamrocks to my shirt when I went off to school,” he says. That was St. Patrick’s Day—maybe a superficial way to recognize one’s heritage, but one that stands out.

“When you go to Disney World, you expect to see Mickey Mouse—not just one ear, but two. That’s their brand,” says Brian Schmechel, general manager of the Saint Paul Hotel. “And we have ours.”