"The Gown" by Jennifer Robson

Jennifer Robson’s latest novel, "The Gown," cleverly crafts a fictional tale heavily based on research revolving around two of the embroiderers of then-Princess Elizabeth’s wedding gown.

Chris Dinesen Rogers, a lake-area resident, recently published her book 101 Things to Do On Lake Minnetonka, which features the lake area’s abundant opportunities for adventure.

Mound author Connie Claire Szarke’s book series is a family saga that follows the main character, Callandra Mae Lindstrom, beginning at age 8.

This spring, Minnetonka’s Lakewinds Food Co-op opened its fresh burrito bar, a welcome addition to the popular deli and to-go section of the store.

Minnetonka resident Christine Conlin can now cross “publish a book” off her to-do list. Her children’s book Who Sees Your Scrunchy Face? was published in April.

Acupuncturist Warren King’s new book, Love Your Organs, Love Yourself, focuses on the body’s organs, and what to eat (and when) to nourish each organ properly.

Girl in Pieces is the debut novel of Kathleen Glasgow, whose own 12-year residence in the Frogtown neighborhood of Saint Paul brings familiar locales to Twin Cities readers.