"The Gown" by Jennifer Robson

Jennifer Robson’s latest novel, "The Gown," cleverly crafts a fictional tale heavily based on research revolving around two of the embroiderers of then-Princess Elizabeth’s wedding gown.

Susanne Aspley published the third installment in her popular children’s bilingual book series, I Know How To, last October. The latest book, I Know How to Bonjour follows I Know How to Hola and I Know How to Ni Hao.

Orono resident Chuck Bolton is president and CEO of The Bolton Group, an executive assessment and development firm.

At 22 years old, Julie Barton had recently graduated from school and was struggling with severe depression. She was at a loss where to turn next. In the throes of darkness, she decided to adopt a golden retriever, and this decision had a profound effect on her well-being.

Minnetrista author Quentin Brent (a pen name inspired by the first names of his two sons) released his first book, The Reason, last October.