"The Gown" by Jennifer Robson

Jennifer Robson’s latest novel, "The Gown," cleverly crafts a fictional tale heavily based on research revolving around two of the embroiderers of then-Princess Elizabeth’s wedding gown.

City on Fire is the debut novel from Garth Risk Hallberg (Knopf, $30). The story takes place in the 1970s in New York City and focuses on the mayhem leading up to the city’s 1977 blackout.

Seeking the Cave: A Pilgrimage to Cold Mountain is one of those books that a bookseller never quite knows where to shelve. Written by James Lenfestey and published by Milkweed Editions, it’s part memoir, part travelogue, and part history.

While there are endless electronic options when it comes to planning your schedule, there is something to be said for a beautiful wall calendar of real paper.

J. Ryan Stradal’s debut novel Kitchens of the Great Midwest (Pamela Dorman Books/Viking, $25) follows a young and talented culinary prodigy named Eva.

What do you get when you combine modern architecture with a desire to help kids learn more about how to embrace nature? For two Excelsior married couples, Charles Stinson and Carol Eastlund, and David Paul Seymour and Shannon Seymour, only one thing comes to mind: a book series.