Robyn Returns with 'Honey', Another Electropop Delight

Robyn Honey

Robyn is back with another electropop delight, her eighth studio release in what has been an illustrious career. The Swedish singer is a veteran of the scene, releasing her first album in 1995, and Honey certainly contains nostalgic bits of that era’s techno-dance scene. Despite this, however, Honey feels as fresh as anything her contemporaries have put out. Tracks ebb and flow between upbeat takes and chill, bare-bones numbers that Robyn delivers with powerful authenticity. The emotional rawness of Honey actually stems from the death of a longtime friend and collaborator. The lyrics took Robyn over two years to complete, which should tell you just how different this collection of songs are from the typical cookie-cutter pop record. The work is not something Robyn needed to produce to fulfill a contractual obligation for a record label, but something she felt compelled to produce as a homage to her friend. In short, Robyn is truly awesome (do yourself a favor and look up her SNL appearance from 2011).

Sean Schultz is a lifelong musician who enjoys consuming popular culture. He lives in Minneapolis with his wife, new baby daughter and two dogs.