Royal Wedding Fans, We've Got the Book for You

"The Gown" by Jennifer Robson
Jennifer Robson's "The Gown" is the perfect read for royal family devotees.

We all know the excitement a British royal wedding stirs up, and one of the most pressing questions to be revealed is the designer of the bridal gown. Jennifer Robson’s latest novel, The Gown, cleverly crafts a fictional tale heavily based on research revolving around two of the embroiderers of then-Princess Elizabeth’s wedding gown. Miriam and Ann, both in need of a friend, find their lives forever changed by the excitement the royal wedding brings to the populace and to their workplace in particular. The present-day storyline follows Heather in 2016 as she searches for answers about the mysterious embroidery samples found after her beloved grandmother’s death. The Gown is a fascinating window into a lesser-known historical subject, and the both heartwarming and heartbreaking moments in the lives of these three women give the story an emotional center that makes this a memorable read.

Raela Schoenherr is an editor at a Minnesota publishing company. She loves to talk books and writing on Twitter at @raelaschoenherr.