Sandvold Financial Group CEO Terry Sandvold Gives Back

Sandvold Financial Group was founded in the fall of 1986. Its mission? “To help as many people [as possible] get to their next financial level,” CEO Terry Sandvold says. Headquartered in Minnetonka, the company offers wealth and retirement planning, and other services. Despite the team’s success, they haven’t forgotten their community—in fact, they make giving back a priority. Sandvold’s passion project is raising awareness of Alzheimer’s disease. His mother-in-law Louise fought Alzheimer’s for 20 years. His grandmother and aunt also had it. “Seeing the stages of Alzheimer’s, and the financial strains it can have on family, helped me want to make it a mission,” Sandvold says. He is a member and on the board of the Minnesota-North Dakota chapter of the Alzheimer’s Association, and he and his wife Lynda will chair the organization’s 2018 Purple Gala.