Sharing the Spotlight

Three Minnetonka High School actresses cast in lead role of Evita.
From left, Lauren Strauss, Claire DesLauriers and Kalli Anderson share the multi-faceted lead role in MHS's production of Evita.

The award-winning show Evita is typically thought of as a musical with a single female lead, but not in director Trent Boyum’s mind.

Boyum has given three talented Minnetonka High School actresses—Claire DesLauriers, Kalli Anderson and Lauren Strauss—the opportunity to play Argentina’s strong-willed Eva Peron by breaking up each section of her life into different roles.

“I am kind of relating it to running a relay race,” Boyum says. “All three girls are going to contribute and help build one big character.”

The “one big character” is supported by a full ensemble of almost 60 Minnetonka High School students and 12 Minnetonka elementary school students, who, according to Boyum, are on stage nearly 80 percent of the show.

With “rock-opera” style music, a compelling storyline, stunning costumes and dazzling lights, the show is a theatrical masterpiece.