Shirley Hills Primary School Summer Book Club for Teachers

Shirley Hills Primary School taps into a summer read.
2012 Shirley Hills book club members gathered at the Dunn Bros in Excelsior.

This summer marks the third consecutive year that Shirley Hills Primary School staff will crack open a good read for their hugely successful book club. Staff members’ overwhelming excitement to be involved in the club has meant a speedy implementation throughout the whole school. The club also acts as an invaluable supplemental learning tool for teachers.

“We really like our summer book club because it gives us the opportunity to read and discuss great material that we may not have time to explore during the busy school year,” says principal Ann Swanson.

Last summer, they delved into Transforming the Difficult Child: The Nurtured Heart Approach by Howard Glasser. While the club hasn’t settled on this summer’s choice read, meetings will be held at local venues such as Dunn Brothers or Maynard’s, and are always followed with a tasty lunch to help book clubbers digest their food for thought.