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Food has a way of bringing people together—from Sunday brunch with a good friend to experiencing the food of another culture for the first time. We bake cookies for new neighbors, celebrate accomplishments with steak dinners and so on.

Matches, an Excelsior Candle Co. candle and two gold and white straws.

Heidi Mueller always had candles in her life.

Families Moving Forward offers hospitality, emergency shelter and a path to a home with support and stability.

44 North Boutique is among the newest shops that line Wayzata’s East Lake Street.

Excelsior businesses are using the hashtag #exploreexcelsior to not only promote their stores and restaurants, but to involve community members in the local shop scene.

Emma Rose Consignment Boutique is the new moniker of the former Cherie Consignment Boutique.

Children's clothing, including shirts and shoes, sits on a table.

The line includes clothes, accessories, shoes, artwork, toys and books.

Heather Strommen, owner of the historic Excelsior home Mona Bina, which means home for all—and author of its eponymous blog, Sweet Shady Lane—is offering a fresh take on home design: On her website, visitors can

The animals at Long Lake’s Spring Farm Sanctuary look happy. But behind their loving eyes are heart-wrenching stories of past abuse, neglect and the horrors of factory farming.

This spring, an unconventional beauty store opened at Ridgedale Center. The vibe is decidedly Generation Z—a far cry from the department store beauty counter of yesteryear.