Shops & Business

Centerpieces from Lilia Flower Boutique.

Arrange beautiful centerpieces with the help of Lilia Flower Boutique.

A game farm on Lake Minnetonka's Big Island.

The Big Island Game Farm brought Minnesota its most iconic game bird, the ring-necked pheasant.

An illustration of a rabbit and a bird in winter.

The few animals that stay in Minnesota and above ground in the winter all utilize tried-and-true elements to stay warm.

Two dogs play at Top Dog Country Club

Top Dog Country Club is celebrating 20 years of puppy vacations.

The Excelsior Amusement Park carrousel

The Excelsior Amusement park closed and, in July of 1974, many of the items were auctioned off to the public.

Two babies wearing RubyScootz play on a lawn.

A local mom created RubyScootz because her daughter's pants were always getting destroyed while she was crawling around.

Boating gear from local retailers.

Here are our top picks for the best boating gear and accessories from local shops.

The sunset over Lafayette Bay.

Delivery boats were both a reliable and direct way to deliver goods on Lake Minnetonka, as roads did not exist to all parts of the lake or were often washed out.

Buddies Pet Food Delivery employees deliver food.

Buddies Pet Food Delivery has a unique business model.

A dog plays with a toy at Top Dog Country Club

We spoke with Top Dog Country Club’s “pack leader” Jean Stelten-Beuning for some tips for first-timers.