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You can add a few zeros to what the fundraising goal was in the first year of Humor to Fight the Tumor, and what has been achieved in eight years of the Minnetonka-based gala to help fight brain tumors.

Who says flowers aren’t manly? Take a tip from nature when designing fall boutonnieres and incorporate a little of the unexpected to make your lapels really pop.

Looking for a little something-something to surprise your groom with on your wedding night or honeymoon? Lucky for us in the lake area, we’ve got a local option for luxurious lingerie.

The last battle of the Civil War happened in Minnesota 11 years after the south surrendered. During the war, William Quantrill raised a band of guerrilla fighters to attack Union sympathizers in Kansas and recruited a couple of promising young Missourians, Frank and Jesse James.

The sixth-graders thought of it themselves. The class had been studying world history through the lens of current events such as the global water crisis. After the catastrophic 2010 earthquake in Haiti, they wanted to help.

Help area school-age children prepare for the upcoming year with a backpack of new school supplies. The Western Communities Action Network’s (WeCAN) annual Ready to Learn distribution is August 24–25, and the group needs your help.

If you have to leave the dogs behind this summer vacation, look no further than pet sitter and expert dog trainer Lisa Rydell.

It’s only natural to want the best for the little ones in our lives. Thankfully, more children’s products are being produced with our kids in mind, from clothing made of organic fibers to toys crafted from recycled materials.

It’s a place where everyone knows your name and you are only a stranger once.