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Kristi Piehl

Life’s turning points are rarely planned nor expected. Almost over the night, the pandemic served as a critical turning point that changed not only many lives, but the world as we knew it. Despite its hardships, some people flipped the script on their careers.

This past January, the Wayzata Children’s Clinic celebrated 40 years of delivering first-class care to children.

Searching for holiday cards with personality? Look no further than the eco-friendly items created by Up, Up Creative.

Dust off your rolling pin and grab your apron! Hammer is looking for volunteers to assist individuals with disabilities in baking holiday cookies and desserts. Groups of 1–5 are needed for baking time slots on evenings or weekends.

Five Swans has been serving up special selections to Wayzata residents for more than 40 years, and this past summer, the neighborhood’s go-to gift shop moved to a new space. Be sure to check out their new kitchen department and more open layout just two doors down the street.

Lake Minnetonka was opened to European settlers by the Treaty of Traverse des Sioux, named for a Dakota meeting place, Oiyuwege, one mile north of St. Peter. Minnesota’s first territorial governor, Alexander Ramsey, was eager to open lands to the west to increase the state’s wealth.


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They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but for some of the dogs that Amber Johnson photographs, a picture can be absolutely life changing.

Since they were entrepreneurs first, Melvin and Harley Bennett didn’t want to go by the way of the horse and buggy—literally.

For a fresh change of pace from the mall and antique shopping scene, visit the shopper's delight tucked away in a Minnetonka house. Sisters Corrine and LaRae Anderson simply call it their "Artists Boutique."

Early European visitors to Lake Minnetonka noticed lots of conical mounds on high points around the shore. These pioneers first started settling along the Mississippi River and found thousands of mysterious burial mounds in prominent spots overlooking the water.