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senior using virtual reality

As the COVID-19 pandemic raged through the world, businesses closed, travel came to a near standstill and many doors were locked, including doors to some senior-care facilities.

All across the lake area, green thumbs are itching. When the first crocuses, daffodils and tulips peek through the soil, gardeners start imagining their soggy, springtime yard full of green grasses and the flowering beauties of summer.

Retiring at 50 years old, Walter Donald Douglas, along with his wife Mahala, built their 27-room estate on Lake Minnetonka where the elegant Hotel St. Louis once stood.

One of the reasons many Scandinavian immigrants left northern Europe for Minnesota was to escape the rampant drinking fueled by home stills back in the Old World.

Frames are meant to protect, display and hang onto something special. Custom framing allows the opportunity to preserve and present anything that has meaning to the client (i.e. art, a piece of the Berlin Wall or a wasp’s nest). However, it’s unfamiliar territory for a lot of consumers.

With wedding receptions, birthday celebrations and more just around the corner, find the perfect party dress for the occasion at Circa Vintage in Wayzata.

Like the many tomes it houses, The Bookcase is steeped in history, beloved by many and has a multitude of stories to share—tales of family roots, loyal friendships and local interest.

The Sitting Room, an Excelsior interior design firm and store, had just opened in 2003 when Teri Mahalich bought the shop’s first vignette of furniture. As a new business owner, Kate Regan reflects, “It was so exciting! In addition to buying the vignette, Teri helped me establish my business.

Treat yourself to some all-around pampering at Keiki B Salon Spa for an experience that feels like spring break at home.

The10 Sports Dome: Where you can find 26,000 square feet of sports turf to play everything from baseball and football to lacrosse and soccer all year round.

Ask Doug Dolliff and he’s happy to tell you: “I’m a business guy who saw a unique opportunity,” he says, as the owner of the only Venture Photography studio in Minnesota.