Skippers Booster Club Celebrates 40th Anniversary

The organization raised $85,000 for Minnetonka High School last year and hopes to increase awareness in 2014.

As the Skippers Booster Club celebrates its 40th anniversary, current members reflect on the legacy the club has built. Many boosters are part of a long line of family members who’ve been helping to raise money for Minnetonka High School (MHS) through the sale of “memberships, merchandise, munchies and more.”

“If we want good schools and good things to happen at our schools, we need to jump in and help to make that happen!” says legacy member Heather Garibaldi, whose parents were Skippers Booster Club members and who is now an MHS parent.

The only “umbrella” booster club in the district, the Skippers Club supports things like sheet music for the marching band, new footballs and weekly bus rentals for the Backpack Tutoring program. “Almost 500 Minnetonka students go to schools all over the metro area to tutor young kids,” explains communications board member Laurie Pohlad. Because this program is not fully funded by the school, Skippers Booster Club makes it possible.

“Groups come to talk to us and tell us what they are doing and how they would use the money,” says Garibaldi. “It is fun to listen to their stories … to know that the financial support we give them can help make those things happen.”