golfing with hockey sticks on ice

A little snow and ice won’t stop Minnesotans from getting together, but, it goes without saying, something else might.

In the lake area, outdoor activities aren’t hard come by—especially activities on the water.

The running experience in the lake area got a boost in 2014 with the first Lake Minnetonka Running Series.

Minnetonka Community Education will be hosting its seventh annual dodgeball tournament for fifth- through eighth-graders on March 21.The event is run and planned by the Youth Development Council (YDC), a group o

The Three Rivers Park District offers introductory archery lessons for adults and families. Last spring, a few lake-area families met at Carver Archery Range to learn about archery equipment, range safety, proper shooting techniques and playing games. All photos by Jon Wright.

Dave Stearns is like the uncle you wish you saw more often. He’s warm, inviting and full of stories. As the Minnetonka High School girls’ tennis coach, his favorite tales revolve around the young women he’s mentored through his years on the court.