Spring-time Vines

Delicious seasonal wine picks from Wayzata Wine and Spirits.

While everyone has their own tastes and preferences, there are a few themes to consider as you’re choosing springtime wine for meals and gatherings this season. We talked with wine expert Kevin Castellano, general manager of Wayzata Wine and Spirits, and learned about his favorite picks for 2017, plus tips for selecting and serving wines on your own.

In general, a light wine that can be paired with many different kinds of food is a winner, says Castellano. And if it can be chilled, even better. As the first warm days start to arrive, break out your patio furniture and fire up the grill for an inaugural barbecue. What vino to serve? “We have a pretty wide variety for those seeking a springtime wine,” Castellano says. “We even have some that run as low as $8.99, so it’s not like you need to break the bank.” Along with reasonable prices, the team at Wayzata Wine and Spirits pride themselves on that wide variety. “Our store is unique because we’re about 80 percent wines, 20 percent spirits and craft beer,” Castellano says. “So we’re really confident that we can find the right wine for anyone who stops in.” They also provide free delivery, something of a rarity these days. Of course, if you’re up for a stroll, just stop by—the shop is located on Mill Street, next to the Wayzata Bar and Grill. There are frequent wine tasting events, and the always-knowledgeable staff, ready to help you browse the shelves.

Kevin Castellano shares his favorite spring wines:

Gruet Brut: American Sparkling Wine $16.99

The brut from Gruet Winery in New Mexico is a classic for springtime drinking. It offers a full-bodied sparkle, with crisp notes of apple and citrus. For the connoisseur, this brut has a fine bouquet with a focus on green apple and grapefruit flavors. This is a perfect choice for those seeking a chic, champagne-like wine with a modest price point.

The Four Graces: Pinot Noir $31.99

For those looking to up the ante with their next bottle, this award-winning pinot noir from 2014 is sure to impress. With a medium body, its wide array of distinct aromas make for a satisfying glass that can be paired well with fresh bread, fruit jam and soft brie. As this Oregon-based vineyard likes to describe it, the palate revolves around “flavors of espresso, cherry pie, and sweet sandalwood on the finish.”

Tendance Caladoc: Rosé $13.99

Last but not least, try this rosé, a magnificent refresher for relaxing spring evenings. All the way from the Rhone Valley in France, its refined nose and flowery aromas make it unique. With particular focus on raspberry and strawberry notes, this rosé was made for those with a sweet tooth. Castellano recommends serving this with smoked salmon for a perfect balance of flavors.

“We’re really confident that we can find the right wine for anyone who stops in.”