Sweet Somethings

Valentine’s Day treats from Laketown Chocolates.

If you’re in need of a chocolatey Valentine’s Day gift for your other half, your bestie or yourself, Laketown Chocolates has you covered. And dipped. And sprinkled. With two locations—Excelsior and Waconia—there is plenty of milk, dark and white chocolate to go around.

“Valentine’s Day as a single day is probably our best sales day of the year,” says owner Larry Wilhelm. So you’d better believe that Laketown Chocolates has the good stuff ready to go. The small centerpiece truffle ($6.99) comes with a foil-wrapped chocolate centerpiece, accompanied by three truffles. Wilhelm says that if customers special order ahead of time, they can choose from among 17 different truffle flavors.

The centerpiece box ($29.95) comes complete with chocolate hearts, chocolate-covered Oreos, the Laketown version of M&Ms and their party pretzel. These can also be customized.

Finally, Wilhelm says that one of the most popular items is their chocolate cosmetic kit ($4.99). Wilhelm explains that one of its unique components is chocolate “lipstick,” wrapped in two different foil colors.