Sweets of Spring

Sweet Jules offers everything you need to make this spring a sweet one.

Minnetonka’s Sweet Jules, which just opened a location on Greenbrier Road, is a one-stop shop for a sweet-tooth fix, candy gift boxes and Easter basket treats.

Co-owner Hope Klocker says that holidays are always busy, especially during the spring when shoppers are looking to fill Easter baskets or find Mother’s Day gifts.

Some of the most popular items are 1-pound boxes of Assorted Signature Collection caramels and Easter-themed eight-piece bags of various candies. Caramels are available in flavors like fleur de sel, Jules of Paris (chocolate caramel topped with French sea salt), dark chocolate and pecan, classic vanilla bean, Sicilian orange and more.

Klocker says that classic vanilla bean and bananas Foster are excellent choices for kids, while dark chocolate and pecan and fleur de sel are favorites of more grown-up candy.

“For beer aficionados, we have our Minnesota Pub Crawl caramels, which include four different flavors made with top Minnesotan brews,” says Klocker.

Sweet Jules’ caramels are made fresh daily by Klocker’s sister and co-owner Jule Vranian. Klocker says, “We’ve found that caramel candy is so beloved because it evokes childhood memories for many people, including us. Every Christmas, our Aunt Rosie would send us a box of her homemade caramels and we always looked forward to it. We’d devour every last one with great delight.”