What Does Living Your Best Life Really Mean?

A woman browses social media on her phone

Social media is filled with the caption and hashtag “Living my best life!” Often it accompanies a photo of someone traveling, enjoying themselves at an event or even drinking a cup of coffee. In 2005 Oprah Magazine published a book called Living Your Best Life. Then in 2010, Oprah herself hosted an event titled “Live Your Best Life.” Though the same phrase has been used in song lyrics, I credit Oprah with really making it a catchphrase. Read more about What Does Living Your Best Life Really Mean?

Need to Walk More? Get a Dog

Natalie Webster's dogs Odin and Koa

For my job, I spend too much time sitting at my computer cranking out social media content for local businesses or columns. Like a lot of desk-sitters, I know I need to take more breaks to stand and walk. I tried using an app that reminded me to walk around every hour. After a few days I muted and ignored it.

Then, I had an idea: to get a small dog, one that would force me to get up and go for a walk. Our current dog—Odin the giant schnauzer—isn’t much of a snuggler. I wanted a dog who could sit on my lap while I worked or watched movies. Read more about Need to Walk More? Get a Dog

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