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See All Sides of Beauty

Day Dream III

“[The artist’s] original work captures a calm vibe as the subject seems to be in a blissful state surrounded by the healthy cherubs protecting her as she goes deep in her thoughts,” says Hollie Blanchard of the Art Girls. “Meditation is a practice to use mindfulness to train your awareness and achieve a mentally clear state. Beauty is inner and external, but when you feel grounded in your thoughts and who you are, there really isn’t anything more beautiful.“

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Discover Warmth within Original Art

Gena Cohen, Emergence

“I love the sunrises that occur in the winter months of our state,” says Hollie Blanchard of The Art Girls. “There is nothing more energizing to the soul than bearing witness to the vivid shades of red, pink and purple to name only a few colors that light up the horizon. Emergence by Minneapolis artist Gena Cohen takes me to those mornings of color therapy. Cohen uses a mix of elements within her paintings, but the grand finale is the oil which achieves her signature vivid colors. Read more about Discover Warmth within Original Art


Artist Uses Centuries Old Decorative Style

Evan Abrahamson painting from series: Eulogy for Beauty

“I used to dream about opening a floral shop with vintage curated clothing,” says Art Girls co-founder Hollie Gaines. “For me, it was a recipe crafted with aromatic scents and a sweet nod to creating a signature style. This oil painting stopped me in my tracks. I love the way the artist mixes the blue and white porcelain, a decorative style that dates back to ninth century, along with the bounty of new blooms. Gardens are ripe with beauty, so don’t forget to stop and smell the roses.” Read more about Artist Uses Centuries Old Decorative Style


Island is Brought to Life Through Photographer’s Eye

Burano by Peter Wong

Tucked away 40 miles north of Venice, Italy, is the quaint fishing island of Burano, known for its brightly colored painted homes. Legend has it that the homes were painted in bright hues to help the fishermen find their ways home when the lagoon was blanketed in fog. Photographer Peter Wong’s artistry has perfectly captured the vibrancy and whimsy of this magical island.

Photographer: Peter Wong
Title: Burano
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Art Girls present Abraham with Hummingbird

Mary Catherine Solberg

The Art Girls Mpls. presents an exclusive collaborative collection by renowned artist Mary Catherine Solberg and internationally acclaimed photographer Giovanna Aryafara.

Art Girls co-founder Kelly Netishen says, “Solberg’s ability to recreate the breathtaking images of the Omo Valley tribes by Giovanna in her artistic version [is] truly a treasure to the art world. The Omo Valley tribes reside in the southwestern corner of Ethiopia. They have long been heralded for their creative and artistic expression using elements of nature.” Read more about Art Girls present Abraham with Hummingbird


In Memoriam: Prince’s Music Lives On

Matthew Gaulke portrait of Prince

“I said now, overcast days never turned me on, But something about the clouds and her mixed.” –Prince, poet, musical genius and lover of Minneapolis

Hollie Blanchard, co-founder of Art Girls Mpls., says, “Prince knew Minneapolis was a creative force. His lyrics were the soundtrack to my youth and so many others. Like music, visual art comes in many genres, and really fantastic art pulls you in, and we are never the same. Gone too soon, Prince Rogers Nelson, so thankful your music lives forever.” Read more about In Memoriam: Prince’s Music Lives On


For Your Collection

Jodi Reeb

Hollie Blanchard, co-founder of Art Girls Mpls. says, “Why does this immediately transport me to Palm Springs? You, too?! In 2020, my soul was fed by long walks in nature, listening to the birds singing and just being still. I love the way Jodi [Reeb] has created an organic pop of a playful movement inspired by nature that dances into your home all year long. Green is the color of renewal and growth, which is perfect as we embark onto a brand-new season.” Read more about For Your Collection



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