Creative Exercises

Upcycle glassware with paint and baking soda to make faux pottery.

We’re relegated to staying home a lot more these days, so why not put that extra time indoors to good use? You know there are lots of projects you’ve been meaning to do and oodles of Pinterest board ideas and Instagram posts you’ve been meaning to try but have always just been too darn busy. Well, now’s your chance.

Our editorial staff compiled a list of four delightful projects you can create—a chunky knit throw, bookmarks, door décor and faux pottery—to help get your wheels a-spinnin’ and your creativity a-flowin’. Read more about Creative Exercises


Immersive Gifts

Craft Materials at Minnetonka Center for Arts

No one needs another pair of socks, a generic coffee mug or the latest pop-nonfiction bestseller to clutter up the closet (or the bookshelf, or the kitchen counter … you get my drift). To help fight our modern American addiction to stuff, many families are opting to forego the gift boxes this holiday season in favor of gifts you can fully experience: time to spend together (or by yourself), and learn or see something new. Try one of these local options to give your giftee a memory they’ll hold onto forever—no attic space required.

MAKE SOMETHING NEW Read more about Immersive Gifts

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