Home Goals 

Whether it is pairing down the closet or tidying the playroom, home organizing is the “to-do” we all have. “I just don’t know where to start” is a sentiment I hear frequently. Depending on the amount of organizing needed, it can be daunting to get started. Here is an acronym that might help you reach your organizing goals—HOME, meaning hone, optimize, materials and expertise.    Read more about Home Goals 

Revamp, Redesign and Refresh for the New Year

front entryway

Many people launch into the new year awash in hopes of change—a new exercise regimen, improved sleep routines or a break from social media—only to return to their old habits months later. One way to create a lasting and more gratifying change in 2022 is to redecorate your home, or even give a single room a much-needed facelift. We turned to Historic Studio, a local interior design firm, for inspiration. Read more about Revamp, Redesign and Refresh for the New Year

Wrap Up Seasonal Décor

Christmas decor

Adorning your home with seasonal colors, trimming the tree and wrapping gifts is certainly enjoyable, but putting it all away is another story.  

Décor seems to accumulate year after year, so I recommend pairing it down while you are putting it up. Label a box “donate,” and fill it with items you rarely use or no longer enjoy. Repeat the process when you take the holiday items down after the season because a second pass is always helpful.  Read more about Wrap Up Seasonal Décor

Get a Handle on Returning College Students’ “Stuff”

Your college-age children have been away at college, and you’ve tidied up their rooms during their absence. Before you know it, the academic year is over, and they are back home—with duffel bags of dirty laundry and bedding, various kitchen items and electronics arriving on your doorstep. Now what? Maybe it’s time (if you haven’t already done so) to teach your children how to properly clean and organize their belongings. Read more about Get a Handle on Returning College Students’ “Stuff”

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