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Star Struck

black color nursery design

My husband and I are in our 50s and have been married for nearly three decades. We have two adult children (29-year-old son, Sage, and 22-year-old daughter, Enya). We also have mentored and opened our home to exchange students throughout the years. We moved to Minnesota four years ago from New York City to be close to family. My parents also live with us. We love multi-generational living and love having family close. Read more about Star Struck

[Re]Create Home

refreshed living room

Spring fills many of us with the desire to shed heavy home décor and brighten up our spaces with goodness and light. While it’s tempting to have an “anything goes” mentality after a season of living buttoned up—in the literal and figurative senses—there are some easy suggestions to follow when it comes to home interior design. Read more about [Re]Create Home

Revamp, Redesign and Refresh for the New Year

front entryway

Many people launch into the new year awash in hopes of change—a new exercise regimen, improved sleep routines or a break from social media—only to return to their old habits months later. One way to create a lasting and more gratifying change in 2022 is to redecorate your home, or even give a single room a much-needed facelift. We turned to Historic Studio, a local interior design firm, for inspiration. Read more about Revamp, Redesign and Refresh for the New Year

Murals on the Wall

Painted room wall mural

Placing an imprint on our homes can take a host of forms—among them: Architectural designs, furniture elements, décor themes and color stories have their own ways of communicating homeowners’ styles. After living much of our lives on mute due to the pandemic, are we ready to make bigger, bolder statements in our homes? Read more about Murals on the Wall

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