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Pairs Well With …

aromatically wine-inspired body sprays and candles

Sisters Carin Skowronsky and Sarah Bryant combine their passion for wine with their business savvy to create an educational blog and brand Pairs Well With…, and now they’ve added a new twist to their wine-themed repertoire.

“I think some people find [wine] potentially pretentious, and it doesn’t need to be,” Bryant says. “What we love about wine is its connection to culture, to travel, to people. That’s the base of it, and everybody can enjoy that.” Read more about Pairs Well With …

Lake Minnetonka Book, Wine and Music Recommendations for April

Whether you’re planning a garden or just planning to shop your local farmers’ market, Deborah Madison’s beautiful new Vegetable Literacy will soon be your favorite reference book. Long admired as a leader in the vegetarian cooking and slow food movement, Madison brings her considerable skills and knowledge to hundreds of exquisitely simple recipes. Each plant family—from carrots to mint to squashes, melons and gourds—is illustrated with remarkable photographs, and Madison describes the features that make its members interchangeable. Read more about Lake Minnetonka Book, Wine and Music Recommendations for April

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