2022 Fitness Trends

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Let’s take a look at what fitness trends moved to the front of the class this year.

Virtual Fitness: Over the past two years, we have seen a virtual fitness revolution thanks to companies like Peloton and apps, such as Daily Burn and Nike Training Club. According to Forbes, from pre- to post-pandemic, the U.S. has seen a 429 percent increase in prerecorded exercise content usage and a 1,214 percent increase in livestreamed class usage. Given the diversity and availability of on-demand workouts, we no longer have a reasonable excuse not to get to the gym. Read more about 2022 Fitness Trends

Podcast 'The Wandering Naturalist' Inspires Curiosity

Banner for The Wandering Naturalist Podcast

Where do Minnesota’s birds go in the wintertime? Why does a firefly glow? What is the difference between a honeybee and a bumblebee? Listen to The Wandering Naturalist podcast to find out the answers to all of these questions and more. Presented by the Three Rivers Park District and hosted by wildlife biologist Angela Grill and interpretive naturalist Brandon Baker, the podcast tackles topics as diverse as the mysteries of Minnesota’s missing winter birds to the double lives of dragonflies. Read more about Podcast 'The Wandering Naturalist' Inspires Curiosity

Three Suggestions for Refreshing Summer Drinks

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With summer in high gear, drinks should be fun and refreshing. Here are a few that top my list:

For a new entry in cocktails, I choose Ranch Water, which started in Texas (a bottle of tequila poured into a cooler and filled with Topo Chico mineral water and a heavy dose of sliced citrus). For individual servings, fill a glass with ice, add 1.5 oz. of quality tequila and fill to the top with sparkling mineral water. Add a squeeze of grapefruit, and enjoy! Read more about Three Suggestions for Refreshing Summer Drinks

Cheers to Springtime

If you have a bottle of white wine that has been sitting in your fridge for months or a red wine that has spent too long on the wine rack, let’s turn them into fun springtime cocktails. From sangria to a spritzer, there are many ways to repurpose wine. Here are a few of my favorites:

White/Red Wine Sangria
1 bottle wine
1 cup flavored soda
½ cup peach vodka
¼ cup brandy
berries, if needed
Add ingredients to a pitcher, stir and add ice. If desired, add berries to each glass to provide a pop of color. Read more about Cheers to Springtime

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