Julia Moss Designs travel cubes

Winter has gone weary in the minds of some eager travelers, who are ready for destination warm with opportunities to shed winter fashions in favor of sporty togs and snazzy resort wear. Others, who embrace the season’s snow show, are pointing their skis and snowboards due north and west for more elevated endeavors. Read more about Cubism

Get in Step with Travel Packing

organized luggage case

Smooth travels begin with organized luggage. Saving space, packing efficiently and preparing in advance can provide the freedom to enjoy much-deserved time off—wherever travels lead.

Whether your destination is a sandy beach, woodsy camping grounds or destinations abroad, many trips require a pair of good shoes. I recommend packing footwear in travel shoe bags, which will help prevent other clothing items and necessities from getting soiled or absorbing odors. Read more about Get in Step with Travel Packing

Wrap Up Seasonal Décor

Christmas decor

Adorning your home with seasonal colors, trimming the tree and wrapping gifts is certainly enjoyable, but putting it all away is another story.  

Décor seems to accumulate year after year, so I recommend pairing it down while you are putting it up. Label a box “donate,” and fill it with items you rarely use or no longer enjoy. Repeat the process when you take the holiday items down after the season because a second pass is always helpful.  Read more about Wrap Up Seasonal Décor

Save Space and Time with Easy Tips

Some of my best memories around this time of year are the wonderful smells coming from the kitchen, particularly warm cookies and pies.  

Keeping baking supplies organized makes for a smooth “baking season,” since it is convenient to have a designated space in your kitchen to store all baking necessities, such as an entire cupboard or baker’s rack in a nearby closet.  

Choose airtight containers for dry goods. Square stacking containers save space, and label the containers with both the contents and expiration dates. Read more about Save Space and Time with Easy Tips

Get a Handle on Returning College Students’ “Stuff”

Your college-age children have been away at college, and you’ve tidied up their rooms during their absence. Before you know it, the academic year is over, and they are back home—with duffel bags of dirty laundry and bedding, various kitchen items and electronics arriving on your doorstep. Now what? Maybe it’s time (if you haven’t already done so) to teach your children how to properly clean and organize their belongings. Read more about Get a Handle on Returning College Students’ “Stuff”

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