Photo Contest Winner

Who? Me?

Big Brown Eyes by Mound resident Ann Beadle-Reinitz

Guess who won first place in the Pets category of Lens on Lake Minnetonka, our annual photo contest? Big Brown Eyes by Mound resident Ann Beadle-Reinitz, and it’s not difficult to see why.

She didn’t need to look far for her photo subject—just her driveway—as Beadle-Reinitz used her Nikon D850 and a 50 mm lens to capture Patrick’s sweet face. He must have wandered over for a friendly chat, as he’s owned by a neighbor. Read more about Who? Me?

Bay View

Foggy Dock on Crystal Bay

Looking to the north on Crystal Bay, Jace Dovolis, 13, captured Foggy Dock, the first-place winner in the Wildlife & Nature category of our annual Lens on Lake Minnetonka photo contest. “The thing that stands out is the absence of any color without editing,” Jace says. Read more about Bay View

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